A Place to Belong!
At Genesis we don’t promise a buffet of options that can cause busyness to your already busy lifestyles, but what we do offer are opportunities for you to connect with others and enjoy some true moments of TOGETHERNESS in a city that can seem very disconnected.
From kids to senior adults, from students to men and women’s opportunities, it is our desire to help you find friendships and people to grow in faith with as you walk through your journey with Christ. We offer opportunities to join a team, to serve in our community, to travel the world in missions, annual events to engage with and moments just to learn more from God’s Word. Explore our web site for all the different opportunity, classes and groups we do offer. Some are seasonal, some are weekly, some are random and some come up just for the fun of it! 
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Weekly gatherings on Sundays, monthly events, awards, prizes, church wide kids programs, FREE summer camp and more!
Weekly gatherings on Sunday nights, monthly events, outreach opportunities, mission trips and more!
Events, gatherings, celebrations, groups and more!
Events, gatherings, competitions, groups and more!
Events, gatherings, classes, lunches, groups and more!

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TOGETHER is the best way to live!